Veterinarian and professional handler specializing in the Toy Group. Having started her career at eight years of age Fabiana has travelled and achieved victories in many countries, finished American champions and won Bests in Show at major events in America and the Caribbean including Westminster and the World Dog Show with many breeds including Yorkshire Terriers, Shih-Tzu, Pugs, Dobermanns, Bull Mastiffs, Maltese, Rottweilers, Lhasa Apso and Cockers.


Some highlights:

Best World Junior Handler at fourteen years of age in Argentina;
- Award of Merit at the Westminster Dog Show with Max ( Shih-Tzu ) and Ariel ( Pug );
Best in Show with Akbar ( Pug ) at the Americas and Caribbean Dog Show in Equador;
- Rated top Shih-Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier with additional breeds in the top ten;
- Completed American title on home-bred Smoking ( Shih-Tzu ) ;
Group win with Rhonda ( Shih-Tzu ) at the World Dog Show in Argentina;
- Specialty Best in Show with Puzzle ( Maltese ) ;
- American Specialty Best in Show with Timbers ( Pug );
- Best Opposite Sex in New York at the Progressive Dog Show with Ariel ( Pug );
- Of the many victories, the most recent and one of the most important was handling
   Honda ( Shih-Tzu ) to Best Veteran in Show at the World Dog Show in Rio de Janeiro -    2004.

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