"Regina and Fabiana Perrone, Par D'Ellas Kennel owners"

          In 1975 Par D'Ellas Kennel acquired the Yorkshire Terrier, Pinocchio from Vila Imperial. Over the course of thirty years we have become one of the top breeders of Yorkshire Terriers in Brazil and our success is due to the influence of the following individuals :

Yuri - Jennifer - Morgana - Arthie - Adhara - Easy - Guy - Lilibeth - Skeeter - Zingara and Sebastian. Their children continue to contribute to the success of this kennel and distinguish themselves in the show ring.

          In 1990, Christopher arrived at Par D'Ellas beginning the second phase of Shih-Tzu breed in Brazil ( CBKC statistics ) and became the #2 Best Dog All Breeds in this country.

         Par D'Ellas was the first Brazilian kennel to win Best of Breed and achieve Group placements in the U.S.A. with Shih-Tzu from our own breeding, namely Par D'Ellas Frederico, Par D'Ellas Petruccio and our own dear Smoking !

           Today our success continues with the following dogs: Ronda (started her career at the World Dog Show in Argentina in 93 winning Breed and Group, and concluded winning Best Veteran in World at the World Dog Show 2004 in Brazil) ; Midas ; Hitter ; GoGo ; Max (first black Shih-Tzu brought to Latin America, winner several Best in Shows and Award of Merit at the Shih-Tzu Nacional in the USA ), Junior ; Vilenzo ; Kim ; Div-Na ; Pamela ; Antonella ; Margueritta ; Fiametta ;Kenzo and Wolverine.


We thank the owners who have contributed to the success of our dogs!

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