Par D'Ellas Higashi

Par D'Ellas Higashi - number one Brazilian Shih Tzu 2010 (national breeding program).

A special thanks to the handlers Fabiana Perrone, Maxwell Santana and Wagner Fernandes for the magnificent work with Higashi.

Par D'Ellas Kennel third consecutive year winning the ranking with the Best Shih Tzu of the breed (national breeding program). Par D'ellas Casinova - Jack (2008), Par D'Ellas Pharaoh (2009) and Par D'Ellas Higashi (2010).


Mex. Ch. Par D'Ellas Casinova

06/17/2007 at the KCGB Par D’Ellas Casinova conquered:

2º. Best in Show under the judgement of Mr. Sebastião Guimarães da Silva Filho;

3º. Best in Show under the judgement of Mr. José Dionê de Oliveira Fernandes.

Mex. Ch. Par D'Ellas Casinova


At the Mexican Dog Show in the World Dog Show 2007(México)

Par D'Ellas Casinova conquered Best of Breed under the Judgment of Mrs. Betty L. Krause.


Group First under de Judgment of Mr. David Ojalvo (Argentina)

Par D'Ellas Casinova

BIS - Mrs. Judge Haydée Azevedo (KCFLU);

2º. BIS - Mr. Judge Paulo Azevedo (KCFLU);

5 º. BIS - Mr. Judge Mauro Anselmo Alves.

Par D'Ellas Donatella at the Baixada Santista Kennel Club Dog Show won:

BIS - Mr. Juiz Jaime Martinelli;

2º. BIS - Mr. Juiz Eduardo Seixas;

4º. BIS- Ms.Juiza Gloria Romero.


Par D'Ellas Donatella:

5# Best in Show

Under the judgement of Mr. Sebastião Guimarães at the Guaratinguentá Kennel Club.



Alba's York's Ya-Ra-Ly (Baby) was:

3 x Best of Breed
2# Group.


Par D'Ellas Casinova was:

Best male at the Specialty dog Show.

Par D'Ellas kennel was the
Best Shih Tzu Breeder in Brazil , 2005.
CBKC Ranking.


Best Nacional Breeding Shih tzu in Brazil, 2005; Best Male Shih Tzu in Brazil, 2005.
CBKC and Dog Show oficial Ranking.


We announce the arrival of:
Alba's York's Ya-Ra-Ly (Baby)


We have available puppies of: Darth, Kenzo and Wolverine.

Kenzo got:

5º. Best in Show

At The Florinanópolis Kennel Club Dog Show.

            Charlotte was Best in Show at the KCFLU Specialty Dog Show under the judgement of Mrs. Maria da Glória Cortes Real (Terriers Breeder).

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